Our Mission is to improve safety for drivers, motor carriers and the public. This is accomplished by working with drivers and motor carriers to improve compliance and safety through DOT consulting, training, and workshops.

About Us

Red River DOT Consulting & Training LLC was founded at the beginning of 2013 due to direct requests from several O&G service companies and numerous carriers for assistance and guidance to improve and reduce their SMS BASIC scores. We have found over the years that companies with DOT numbers require assistance and specialized knowledge, however, it was hard to find, and expensive to obtain, from the bigger firms. From these industry needs, we established and developed comprehensive training programs specializing in:

Our focus at Red River is to provide companies tools to keep their 7 BASIC scores low, their drivers safe and management worry-free from DOT interventions through a personal hands-on approach, with basic style training, and without a lot of fluff or added expense. More recently, we have added a suite of on-line training modules focused on the trucking industry. For your convenience we have categorized the Transportation Industry training areas within our Course Catalog.

Red River’s founders and consultants have decades of experience in the transportation industry. We have owned and/or managed several successful trucking companies over the years. Since 2002, we have successfully implemented safety and compliance programs for dozens of companies. Our consultants have trained hundreds of drivers on how to properly log their hours of service and perform pre- and post-trip inspections to operate the equipment they are responsible for in a safe manner. We have also added a complete Registrations Service for start-ups and ongoing reporting.

Our experience has shown that it is beneficial to have a more hands-on and personal approach with drivers and management to help the carrier establish and maintain DOT compliance. However, we also recognize the time elements of your business combined with the more recent restrictions on face-to-face meetings, we now offer the on-line versions as well. Whether you are a carrier in the New Entrant Program, established carrier wanting to improve your BASIC Scores and reduce your insurance premiums or just wanting to understand exemptions – we have the knowledge and experience to assist.

Our Team

Tom Tucker

Tom has worked across the Globe in the Chemical Engineering Field. He is Red River’s Lead HAZMAT/HAZWOPER Consultant and Instructor.

Ray Walls

Ray is the lead consultant and trainer for all DOT Compliance efforts. Most of his time is spent in the field; leading workshops, helping customers preparing for DOT Audits or helping them through an Audit.

Victor Chavez

Victor has been involved in the trucking industry for over 30 years. He has his CDL and is involved in Red River’s Driver’s Training (English and Spanish), Driver Road Tester , and is a Qualified Maintenance Inspector.

Allan Tucker

Allan is Red River’s Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Coordinator. He has been working in this field for over 10 years. Allan has earned certificates from the University of San Francisco and other higher learning institutes.

Cheryl Kovach

Cheryl works with Red River as a Registration Agent. Her experience in this field is extensive as she has assisted dozens of companies in start-ups and maintaining all facets of registration, both State and Federal.